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When it comes to getting house plans drawn up there is few ways of doing it.

1. Go to a builder and have them draw up your future home. When a builder draws you house plans you will not own the copyright which allows you to get other builders to quote on them. If the builders quote comes in higher than expected ( this happens all the time ) then you need to start from scratch and get the plans done up again with someone else. If you choose to get a builder to draw you up plans then ask them before you start if you will own the copyright? If not stay clear and get Home Builders Australia to design up your home. Then you can go back to the builder and get them to quote on the plans.

2. Ask Home Builders Australia to design up your future home. Our design service is very affordable and are done with your end budget in mind also. For this you get concept plans and elevations plus you own the copyright. We can then get our extensive range of builders to quote on the plans or you can take them to your own builders.

3. You can have a designer or architect draw up you house plans. Architects and some designers charge alot of money for plans, anywhere from $13,000  to $120,000  ( got to admit 120k was the most we have ever heard of ) . Make sure you own the copyright so you can get any builder and Home Builders Australia to quote on the plans.

By using Home Builders Australia to deign your house plans you will save money.  It is our goal to make the home design process as affordable as possible for you by using modern practices and web tools to streamline the process of designing homes. We have also partnered with very well known and respected architects and great house designers to bring you modern, well designed home plans at a fraction of the normal costs. We are able to achieve this because of the volume of house plans we have designed.

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Our Australian House Plans include

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Example of a house plan.

House Plans Home Plans Cheap House Plans House Plans Home Plans Cheap House Plans


Name: The Avenue

Best For: Narrow and Sloping Block House Plan

Modifications Available: Yes

Roof Pitch Changes Available: Yes

Stories: 2

Bedrooms: 3 - 4

Bathrooms: 2 + WC

Living Style: Open plan with large living areas and windows.

Best View: Best at the back and to the right of the block.


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Did you know that copying plans, even with small changes, without the owners permission is against the law. Some builders take action against people who copy their plans even if they have paid for them. - Own the copyright and protect yourself.